Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Menu something-or-other update

Hey, remember me? I used to post things about food here.

It has been a while.

I plan a return soon, just not this week--since Ruby arrived, we've been receiving meals from our friends from church, so every day's menu is a complete surprise to us. So far, we've gotten:

Chicken Divan, Rice, Salad, and Brownies from Jan B.
Chicken Pot Pie and rolls from Sue D. (1)
Beefy taco cornbread bake, green and red pepper and corn salad, and fruit salad from Laura B.

Tonight, I'm anticipating something Italian from Cathy K., who used to live in Italy, and tomorrow, Sue D. (2) promised us some beef.

Come next week, the meals are fewer , so I will have a few meals to plan, and I will post them here! I hope I remember how to do that...

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