Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I already have a blog--do I really want another one?

Well, I guess so.

I have been posting my "Menu-Plan Mondays" lists on the Charis and Judah blog, which is fine, I guess, except that that blog is really intended to be sort of a chronicle of my kids' lives. One could argue that listing what they ate everyday is a suitable part of that chronicle, but I say they may not care to read about it years from now, so perhaps it is best left off of their blog.

Which is where this particular blog comes in.

I've called it "A Pinch of This" because that's probably the most oft-used phrase in any "recipe" I make. In fact, I generally use recipes as a set of guidelines (unless, of course, I'm baking, which requires a deeper level of precision), and I end up very frequently adding a pinch of this or that to bring them to my personal tastes.

And while I can't promise that I will post here every day or every week, I do promise that I will only post recipes that we absolutely love. I don't have the time to keep a blog of "just okay" recipes. Perhaps my kids will like to read that when they're older.

Stay tuned for our favorite recipes!

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