Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

I am a little embarrassed to even post this as a recipe, and you'll see why, but it seems to have intrigued a couple of my friends, so here it is!

There are a couple of ways to approach this:

First, if you are of the old-school "wrap 'em in foil" way of thinking, you can certainly do that. I would either rub a little olive oil on the potatoes (after thoroughly washing them and piercing them with a knife a couple of times) and wrap them up, or spray a piece of foil with a little non-stick cooking spray, and then wrap.

If you're of the newer, "hold the foil" way of thinking, you can do that. You don't even have to really rub the skins with oil (after you wash and pierce them, of course), though you may.

Now, for my own personal preferences and method:

Crock Pot Baked Potatoes
4 lg. russet potatoes (Klondike Gold potatoes are ridiculously good as well)
Olive Oil
Montreal Steak Seasoning

Wash the potatoes well. Pierce with a knife to allow steam to escape. Lightly rub skins with oil, and sprinkle with seasoning to taste. Arrange in the bottom of a crock pot, and cook for 4 hrs. on high, or 6-8 hrs. on low.

Isn't that so easy, it's silly?

If you're preparing them at the same time as Crock Pot meatloaf, you will probably want to wrap the potatoes in foil. Arrange them around the outside of the meatloaf.

Now, you may be saying "4 potatoes? We won't eat that much!" or "Only 4 potatoes? Oh, I'm gonna need way more than that." To these people, I have this to say:
1)You really want to have the crock pot approximately half full for it to work most efficiently, so I wouldn't do any fewer than 4 potatoes. But even if you won't use them all at once, keep in mind that these potatoes can be used in other recipes later in the week--they make killer fried potatoes for breakfast, or potato salad, or twice baked potatoes, or baked potato soup. Why not cook the potatoes once and use them twice? Save yourself some time.
2)I made baked potatoes in this way for a crowd of 15, and it worked great--kept my kitchen cool, and freed up appliances for other things. Just go ahead and pile the potatoes into your crock--just make sure the lid can close tightly, of course.

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